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May 2017

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May 2017 | NOLN 77 mind and protection against electrode wear and defects in materials and work- manship. For more information, visit: Automotive Vapor Ngen recently introduced LiquiFog for (low) oil, the first advanced for- mula designed for vehicles with low oil levels. New vehicles are designed to consume more oil than ever be- fore. Low oil levels heighten the risk for metal wear, ethanol corro- sion, extra sludge and many other damaging conditions. e fogging formula protects above and in the oil, while also cleaning the intake valves. It also helps improve fuel mileage and prevent costly repairs. Replace 10 ounces of motor oil with one 10-ounce bottle of Ngen LiquiFog for low oil into the crankcase during the oil change to protect your customers' wal- lets and performance. For more information, call 888.643.6776 or visit: Manage Motor Oil Grades Mighty Distributing System of America recently introduced a new M-Pak Lube System. e Mighty M-Pak Lube System helps au- tomotive service centers more effectively manage the significant prolifer- ation of motor oil vis- cosity grades and other lubricants being spec- ified by vehicle manu- facturers. It consists of a durable, heavy-gauge steel rack that holds eight six-gallon boxed/bladder containers of lubricants in two rows of four each with separate transfer jugs positioned direct- ly below each lubricant. e transfer jugs have integrated spouts for easy pouring into engines. e M-Pak Lube System rack can be stocked with any combination of the fol- lowing Mighty Engine Guard lubricants: full synthetic oil in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 viscosities; dexos 1 synthetic oil in 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosi- ties; euro synthetic oil in 5W-40; synthetic blend oil in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W- 30, 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities; 15W- 40 oil for diesel engines; and multi-vehicle synthetic automatic transmission fluid. For more information, contact your lo- cal Mighty representative or visit: Magic Beads Castle Products recently introduced Castle Beads, a liquid that can be applied directly over the entire vehicle's surface after wash- ing. No wiping necessary; simply spray on. Specially formulated water-beading tech- nology helps water fall off the vehicle while other com- pounds help leave a beautiful shine. Use a jelly blade or a Cas- tle Pro Wipe for maximum re- sults. Available in one- and five-gal- lon containers. For more infor- mation, call 800.876.0222 or visit: www. Soot Away Berryman Automotive Products recently released Berryman Diesel Parts Soak. Berryman Diesel Parts Soak is formu- lated to penetrate, lift and emulsify the carbon-based soot that collects in and on diesel exhaust components, including die- sel particular filters, EGR valves and EGR coolers. B e r r y m a n Diesel Parts Soak is safe for use on rubber and plastic com- ponents and is eco-friendly and biodegrad- able. e product is solvent-free, VOC-free and phosphate-free with a mild pH and odor. It is available in a five-gallon con- tainer. For more information, visit: Drain Away In an on-going effort to increase custom- er productivity, JohnDow Industries has added an additional oil drain to its ex- tensive line of drains and fluid handling equipment. e JDI-18DC 18-Gallon Self-Evacuating Portable Oil Drain fills an industry need for a quality, mid-sized, economical product. e new oil drain includes Auto Check, a user-friendly feature found only on JohnDow Self-Evacuating oil drains. Auto Check technology eliminates the con- fusing procedure of opening and closing manual ball valves with its automatic pressure valve located at the bottom of the down tube. Additional features include an 18-gal- lon steel tank, a six- foot discharge hose, a pressure relief safety valve, OSHA friendly labeling along with a reinforced 16-foot deep drawn centered funnel. e four-cast- er design provides superior stability and mobility. e drain is also height adjustable and weighs 42 pounds. e pressure relief safety valve provides added safety by preventing the tank from over-pressurizing. Once the optimum evacuation is reached in the tank, the safe- ty valve will relieve any excess pressure. e four three-inch swivel casters make this drain easy to move and position un- der a vehicle. e casters are made of an oil- and chemical-resistant material that gives them an extended service life. e 16-inch deep drawn funnel makes it easier to accurately position to catch every bit of oil. For more information, call 800.433.0708 or visit: S If you have a product or service release you would like published, contact Kelsey Carlson at:

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