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May 2017

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CRITICAL PROTECTION FOR DIRECT INJECTION GAS AND TURBOCHARGED ENGINES. PHILLIPS66LUBRICANTS.COM LOOK FOR THE DEXOS1 ™ –GEN 2 SHIELD ™ VALOR 5W-30 MOTOR OIL SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR TURBOCHARGED DIRECT INJECTION ENGINES. ©2017 Phillips 66 Company. Phillips 66 and its respective logos and products are registered trademarks of Phillips 66 Company in the U.S.A and other countries. BL-P66-170470 GM now specifies dexos1 ™ –Gen 2 engine oil for all GM gasoline engines. Phillips 66 ® Shield ™ Valor 5W-30 is a new engine oil licensed under dexos1 ™ –Gen 2 for use in modern high-performance engines and is backward compatible for older engines. It is a full synthetic oil formulated with advanced technology to keep the engine clean, reduce wear and prevent low-speed pre-ignition damage found in direct injection gas and turbocharged engines. So protect your engines with the newest dexos1 ™ –Gen 2 product, Shield ™ Valor 5W-30 , to keep your world running smoothly.

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