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May 2017

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CUSTOMER At NOLN, we love getting feedback from our readers. is magazine is for you. So when you tell us about an article that would help you with your business, often we will jump all over it. Recently, I got an email from Brian Hahs, who is a district manager of six fast lubes in Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. Like everyone else, he is trying to figure out car count and how to market to customers. He told me from time to time they would have their customers fill out question- naires to try to see what they want in an oil change. In most cases, they answered the way he hoped or expected. ere's only one problem with sur- veying your customers to see what they want in an oil change — they're already your customers! Brian asked if we would be able to do a survey where a group of everyday people were asked their input about fast lubes in general. Obviously, fast lubes started because of speed and convenience, so many in the in- dustry have added extra services. Is this the right approach to help customers, or are services being added to survive a diminish- ing car count? In some markets, competi- tion is fierce, so some operations slash their prices to compete. But do customers really care about low prices, or are they willing to pay more for quality and convenience? We polled a group of 250 car owners from across the United States to get their opinions on several quick service topics. Attitudes & Habits 1. What is most important when selecting an auto service facility? 2. How important is speed of service? The Survey 71% Quality of Service 17% Price 1% Speed 12% Convenience 13% Extremely Important 28% Very Important 50% Somewhat Important 9% Not Very 3. Would you like your auto service facility to check your vehicle's TIRES? 8% No 92% Yes 4. Would you like your auto service facility to check your vehicle's FLUIDS? 7% No 93% Yes 64 NOLN |

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