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60 NOLN | e Fair Credit Reporting Act, along with other laws and regulations, makes it ad- visable that you consult with an attorney experienced in labor law before adopting a policy of making pre-employment back- ground checks. "Some laws actually require employers to conduct background checks," Roth said. "For instance, background checks are usu- ally required for applicants who will be working with children, the elderly or the disabled." Despite the need of adherence to applica- ble laws, many employers feel the positive benefits of background checks far outweigh the inconveniences. Here's a look at both the pros and cons. Benefits of Background Checks "A comprehensive background check, in- cluding criminal convictions, civil filings, credit history (where permissible) and so- cial media, will reduce the number of people hired with a history of violent, anti-social or otherwise undesirable behavior," said labor attorney Todd Wulffson, managing partner at Carothers, DiSante & Freuden- berger, LLP. in Irvine, California. "is will likely reduce the risk of hiring persons who may harm the company, its employees or customers." Wulffson also pointed out that a com- prehensive background check reduces the risk of "negligent hiring" cases against the employer by precluding applicants who, if they commit any bad act in the workplace, provide an easy argument they should nev- er have been hired because of their history. "Another benefit," Wulffson said, "is that eliminating applicants through various types of background checks reduces the pool of applicants, thus simplifying the in- terviewing process." Roth added other benefits of pre-em- ployment background checks include such things as: • An increased ability to ensure quality employees • A clean background check may indicate an applicant is trustworthy, reliable and responsible • A clean background check may help predict job performance • Pre-employment background checks often discourage applications by indi- viduals who are trying to hide some- thing • May increase an employer's ability to provide a safe workplace, and may de- crease instances of workplace violence • May increase an employer's ability to minimize theft losses as a result of em- ployee dishonesty • May increase an employer's ability to avoid negative publicity should an employee's actions or history become public Disadvantages of Background Checks e cost for conducting background checks has dropped sharply in recent years. e cost for a limited background check in a single state can be as low as $25. Still, it's a cost that must be factored into the hiring process. "ere is no way to avoid the cost, time and manpower necessary to request and re- view a background check," Roth said. Wulffson agreed. "Background checks can be expensive — either because one has to retain a compa-

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