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May 2017

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May 2017 | NOLN 59 PENNZOIL PLATINUM HE ™ OIL FILTERS 1 ISO 4548-12 at 30 microns 2 Based on USCAR specifications * Based on ISO 4548-12 Exclusivesyntheticblendedtwo-plygradientdensityfiltermediaisengineeredtoremove99% 1 of engine oilimpuritiesandtrapsonaverageover10gofcontainmentsbasedonindustrytests. 1 Anoilfiltersogood itmeetsorexceedsindustryspecificationsforcapacityandefficiency. 2 Yourcustomersgetmaximizedperformance–andyougetamaximizedbottomline. EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR ENGINE WITH A HIGH QUALITY OIL FILTER MAKE IT A PENNZOIL CHANGE. ™ Exclusive synthetic blended two-ply gradient density filter media •99%Efficient * •GreaterCapacity– helps reduce engine wear •Helpspromotelonger engine life Silicone Anti-drainback Valve • Lasts up to 2X longer than conventional nitrile valve • Protects Against Dry Starts Steel center tube and end caps • Increased internal strength anddurabilitywhencompared tocommonlyusedcardboard andplasticcomponents PTFE impregnated NBR sealing gasket •EaseofInstallationandremoval ©SOPUSProducts2017.Allrightsreserved.CS12527-04

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