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May 2017

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44 NOLN | tributors, and enter into a professional relationship you can see lasting for many years. In the past decade alone, technology has changed so much it is now possible to measure weight imbalance more accurately than was previously possible. e tools and microchips inside the machines now mea- sure imbalances within mere hundredths of an inch. It is worthwhile to invest in a next- gen balancer to keep your customers from returning time and time again due to severe vehicle vibrations — a common indicator of wheel imbalance. Again, you will see many differently priced models on the market. Small-time thinkers grab the lowest-cost option with- out a second thought. Do not immediate- ly assume the less expensive option is the better option. If you do not know about wheel balancers, do not fret. Ask around local shops, and shop for products in your price range that will offer years of valuable, low-maintenance service. What About Staffing? If you want to compete in this industry, regardless of the current size of your shop, you need to have a growth-oriented mind- set. A well trained technician will instant- ly provide a fast turnaround and high- er-quality service. Second, and equally as important, you offer customers peace-of- mind when they know the man or woman working on their vehicle is fully certified. Trust in this industry is hard to build and easy to lose. Certification for your mechanics is a great way to earn customer trust. Tire rotations and wheel balancing is pretty easy to accom- plish, so you will not be investing a fortune to get your staff trained. Of course, if you hire and train mechanics, they will be fa- miliar with the procedures and will quickly catch on to your new equipment. Whatev- er you do, at the end of the day, make your work customer-focused. When people see all the great services you provide, you im- prove your ability to earn and keep new business. S MAX GLASSBURG is the creative content writer for Bend- Pak Inc. He specializes in the automotive aftermarket and spends his days writing about car lifts and various garage equipment. He can be reached at: mglassburg@bendpak. com

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