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such a large canvas, but I was happy with how it came out and happier still with the response," Campos said. "People seem to ap- preciate it; there is always someone taking pictures of it. I am really moved when some- one stops by and asks who did it. ere has been no negativity; it has been all positive." If there was anything that wasn't posi- tive it was from other "car guys" who won- dered why only a Chevy was up on the wall! is has already led to discussions on what should be done next. "We haven't made it public," Hunter said, "but I can say we are discussing what we will do next. We have a Camaro, and yes I'm a Chevy guy, but maybe the next one will be Mustang. We do have to make everyone happy, after all." Considering there is still a lot of real es- tate for Campos to work with, he will have options to satisfy more automobile owners. "Part of the reason for putting this mural up is that we do have a blank slate that need- ed something," Hunter said. "is building sat vacant for a long time, and we wanted to put our own imprint on it. at part of the long wall has eight or nine sections, and our intention is to put a mural on each one." is could include vehicles of different years and different models, but one part of the mural has already been getting a lot of attention from the customers and that is the badges and logos of various cars over the years. "We tried to include everything from the Dodge Brothers in the early 1900s to to- day's Toyotas and Hondas," Hunter said. "We're trying to provide a range of logos, and we've been surprised by the reception this has gotten. Many of the older ones peo- ple don't know, but some other customers come in and it puts a smile on their faces as they recall older cars. I've heard stories like, 'I remember that from dad driving his old Plymouth.'" After being part of a local car show last Labor Day, the opinions for what should go up next on the walls really started to come in. While this included favorite cars and other ideas, Hunter said they'll consider what to do next. "If we did a contest, I know we'd get a broad spectrum of ideas," he said. For now Campos is thinking of — and working on — other projects, too. "My art is going to continue, and I'm go- ing to do a lot of new things with it," he said. "ere is a lot of blank canvas in Salem. I started at the shop, but who knows where I'll go." Already, Campos has painted a food truck that services nearby businesses and a mural for a daycare center. "I didn't think I'd be labeled the local mu- ralist, but I'm happy to provide some art around town," Campos said. "Of course, I'm a car guy, so this is still a natural place for me to work and get inspired about my art." S 40 NOLN | Campos' finished Camaro mural at First Lube Plus

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