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May 2017

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30 NOLN | PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) Advanced Intake Cleaner C Designed for S-hook and vacuum source service; safely removes tenacious hard carbon deposits, varnish and gums from the upper engine and intake systems; helps improve power and fuel economy. Aerosol 2-Part Kit C Designed for S-hook and vacuum source service; combines two of the hottest, most aggressive formulas to clean and attack tenacious hard carbon deposits that build up and choke performance; ideal for today's direct injection (GDI) engines. ATF 2-Step Kit A/C Dissolves and suspends deposits; helps flush the transmission of oxidized automatic transmission fluid, sludge deposits and other contaminants; fortifies automatic transmission fluids against oxidation, acid formation and breakdown due to thermal stress. Auto A/C Treatment A Improves A/C system performance and compressor life by cleaning and preventing oil fouling in A/C lines and compressor. Coolant Clean 2-Step Kit A/C Removes rust, scale and sediments from radiator and cooling system; increases protection from corrosion and rust; compatible with all types of coolant. Engine Treatment & Oil Stabilizer A Formulated bonding agents designed to fuse to engine's friction surfaces; increases compression and fuel mileage while helping prevent oil breakdown. Fuel Juels A/C The only time-released fuel treatment in the world; restores fuel mileage up to 7 percent; increases compression; fights ethanol; removes water. Fuel System Cleaner A/C Cleans the entire fuel system using detergents combined with surfactants, while improving combustion, increasing fuel mileage, reducing exhaust emissions and safely removing water through the combustion process. Fuel System Cleaner 2-Step Kit A/C Uses two-stage cleaning to improve combustion, increase fuel mileage and reduce exhaust emissions while it lubricates, protects and safely removes water through the combustion process. GDI Complete Clean 3-Step Kit A/C A hotter, more aggressive formula that chemically cleans GDI fuel systems; protects against deposits; removes water; fights ethanol; cleans emissions control systems; removes harmful deposits from induction systems, intake valves, injector tips and combustions chambers; requires no engine teardown. GDI Emissions Control Cleaner C Cleans oily deposits and debris from the PCV emissions system and safely addresses issues associated with modern, deposit-sensitive engines; dissolves crankcase varnish, sludge and carbon deposits and improves oil drain. GDI Fuel System Cleaner C Provides aggressive two-stage cleaning for GDI engines from the gas tank to the exhaust; dissolves gums, varnish and carbon depos - its. High Mileage Treatment A Fortifies all grades of engine oil with a concentrated blend of antioxidants, detergents, dispersants and lubricants. Oil System Cleaner C Helps improve oil circulation and extend engine life by removing oil system deposits, gums, varnish, abrasive wear metal and dirt particles. Power Steering System Cleaner C Helps improve power steering fluid circulation and extends power steering system component life by removing abrasive wear metal and dirt particles. Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF Protectant A Enhances and stabilizes Dexron/Mercon ATF to perform like a highly friction modified ATF; dramatically reduces wear on internal components. Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner C Cleans the throttle valve, throttle body, idle air control valves, PCV valves and other parts of the air induction system that have deposit accumulation. True Diesel Max C Increases horsepower and torque through improved diesel fuel combustion; cleans fuel system and fights moisture damage. Universal Stop Leak A Helps stop leaks due to drying, hardening and shrinking of seals and gaskets; can be added to any oil: engine, transmission, rear end, etc. Upgrade Fuel System Cleaner A/C Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system; safely removes water through the combustion process.

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