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May 2017

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28 NOLN | PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) Smart Blend One Advanced Formula Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner C Super concentrated formula; cleans injectors; removes carbon and varnish deposits; protects against oxidation and corrosion; treats up to 37 gallons of fuel. Smart Blend One Advanced Formula Engine Clean C Helps reduce the presence and build-up of sludge and harmful deposits in automotive engine applications; quickly and effectively removes engine sludge, varnish and deposits, preparing the engine for new oil; helps maximize engine performance and service life. Smart Blend One Advanced Formula Fuel System Cleaner C With advanced Synteum Technology; cleans the entire fuel system including injectors; helps reduce emissions, improving fuel system performance. Smart Blend One Advanced Formula Oil System Cleaner C Advanced Molecu-tech technology; professional formula for use in all gasoline engines; helps improve engine performance and engine life; helps free sticky valves and rings. Smart Blend One Advanced Formula Total Intake System Cleaner C Advanced Synteum technology; removes deposits, improving power and performance; cleans intake valves, seats and compression chambers; cleans oxygen sensors; no application tool required. Smart Blend One Formula 2-Part Power Steering Flush & Protect System A/C Removes contaminants, preparing the system for new fluid; converts regular power steering fluid to a multi-use fluid; eliminates whines/noises; reduces wear and extends fluid life. Smart Blend One Formula Engine Protectant A PTFE protection for engines, above and beyond conventional oil; solid lubricant technology, protects internal parts and components; compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils. Smart Blend One Formula Limited Slip Differential Supplement A Eliminates differential chatter; protects clutch surfaces; lowers temperatures; prolongs fluid life; specially formulated to be added to gear oil in all limited slip differentials requiring either mineral or synthetic gear oils; converts 8090 to GL5 specs. Smart Blend Synthetic 2-Step Coolant System Flush & Treatment A/C Removes scale, rust and other deposits; prepares cooling system for new fluid; compatible with all coolants; protects water pump, preventing corrosion damage; improves performance/efficiency. Smart Blend Synthetic 2-Step Fuel System Induction Cleaner & FSC C Cleaner introduced through intake vacuum source; removes carbon from intake valves, combustion chambers; system treatment helps prevent deposit formation on fuel-system components. Smart Blend Throttle Plate/ Air Intake Carb & Choke Cleaner C Foaming cleaner; safe for use on all air intake and carburetor components; removes dirt, carbon, gum and varnish that interferes with precise operation of the intake system (Nissan PTFE coating safe). (Continued from page 26)

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