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May 2017

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24 NOLN | PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) Brake-Rite Brake Cleaner C VOC compliant, non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner; frees brake parts from brake dust, grime and fluid build-up to enable brakes to function properly without mechanical hindrance. Cool-Rite II Cooling System Treatment A Unique formula designed to condition and restore coolant; increases the RA, neutralizes acids and helps prevent corrosion. F.A.Q. (Fresh Air Quality) Cabin Air Cleaning Solution C Use with F.A.Q cleaning equipment to clean entire cabin air system; eliminates interior odors caused by germs, mold, mildew, bacte- ria, viruses, allergens and more. Gear-Rite Synthetic Protectant A High-tech formula of synthetic base oils; complete anti-wear package and friction modifiers; provides high-temperature stability and protection from harmful deposits on synchros and gears. Kleen-Rite Ultimate Engine Cleaning Detergent (UECD) C Promotes a more complete drain of used engine oil; safely and effectively removes internal dirt, deposits and sludge. Run-Rite D.I.D.C. Direct Injection Deposit Cleaner A Removes deposits from injectors, valves and combustion chambers; improves idle; helps improve fuel economy and reduces emis- sions; designed for direct injection gasoline engines. Run-Rite G.D.I. Fuel System Cleaning Kit C Complete 3-step fuel system cleaning kit formulated especially for G.D.I. engines, but also beneficial for P.F.I.. Perform service once each year or every 15,000 miles. Run-Rite G.D.I. Fuel System Treatment A Advanced additive package will control the unique deposit forming tendencies of gasoline direct injection engines as well as deposits in port injection systems. Run-Rite G.D.I. Oil System Treatment A Designed to help clean crankcase breather/emissions systems and keep precision oil passages clean; reduces deposits and soot; compatible with gasoline direct injection engines. Run-Rite G.D.I. Preventive Maintenance Kit C This two-step maintenance kit is designed to keep both GDI and PFI fuel systems clean in between annual complete services. For use every 7,500 miles. Run-Rite High Mileage Oil Treatment A Reduces smoke; prevents viscosity breakdown; recommended for vehicles with 75,000-plus miles. Run-Rite Oil Stabilizer A Helps eliminate dry starts; seals worn cylinders to slow oil consumption; provides extra protection in four-cylinder and high-perfor - mance engines. Run-Rite Premium Diesel Treatment A Cleans injectors, pumps and pistons; adds lubricity; fights corrosion; improves cetane; reduces emissions and smoke; delivers Cum- mins superior detergency. Run-Rite R.I.D. (Rapid Induction Deposit) Cleaner C Aerosol induction cleaner; reduces service times; the R.I.D. installation tool can work on all fuel injection systems, including the new direct injection systems. Steer-Rite Power Steering Flush C Cleans power steering system prior to a fluid exchange; helps remove varnish and sludge deposits; improves fluid circulation; extends component life; and improves steering performance. Steer-Rite Premium Power Steering Treatment A Improves performance and responsiveness of power steering fluids, including Honda; converts regular fluid to Honda type; provides superior anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-corrosion agents. ZOOM Fuel Delivery Clean- Up A/C Removes deposits, cleans injectors and restores proper spray patterns; non-flammable; does not contain alcohol. ZOOM Intake Deposit Clean-Up C Utilizing unique installation tool, product removes induction deposits and cleans intake valves; improves drivability and reduces emissions.

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