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May 2017

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May 2017 | NOLN 23 PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) 2-Step Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit A/C Improves emissions to factory levels; up to 50-percent improvement to pass emission tests. 2-Step Cooling System Re- Charge Kit A/C Safely cleans the entire cooling system; eliminates overheating and scale build-up; inhibits rust and scale. 2-Step Engine Re-Charge Kit A/C Cleans the entire oil system; improves circulation; frees sticky valves and rings; reduces engine heat and wear. 2-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit A/C Provides total fuel system cleanup; increases power. 2-Step Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit A/C Decreases heat and friction; removes old fluid; reduces power steering fluid pump noise. 2-Step Transmission Tune- Up Kit A/C Reduces friction and wear; helps extend transmission life; safely removes dirt and varnish build-up; restores performance. 3-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit A/C Provides total fuel system cleanup; increases power and conditions. 4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant C Cleans, protects, lubricates and prevents; multi-purpose lubricant prevents rust and dust build-up; long-lasting; water-resistant lubrication; 50-state formula. Battery Cleaner C Neutralizes acid and removes corrosion. Crankcase & Differential Cleaner C Dual-solvent technology for gas and diesel; five-minute cleaner; add, run and drain; removes gum, sludge, varnish and moisture; ideal for removing water from differential. Direct Injection Fuel System Cleaner C One-tank cleanup for all gas and diesel engines; cleans fuel system to restore fuel economy; improves idling and prevents corrosion; antioxidant technology stabilizes fuel. Ethanol Stabilizer A/C Four-in-one treatment; fuel stabilizer; corrosion inhibitor; fuel system cleaner. Glass Cleaner C Streak-free, ammonia-free vehicle glass cleaner. High Mileage Oil Treatment A Helps stop leaks due to drying, hardening and shrinking of seals. Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner C Helps restore fuel economy; re-establishes correct air/fuel ratio; reduces rough idle and hesitation; safe for plastic and delicate equipment; residue-free. Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner C Quickly and effectively dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from brakes, CV joints and clutch components. Total Fuel System Cleaner C Cleans and prevents deposit build-up; neutralizes the power-robbing effects of combustion chamber deposits. Total Intake System Cleaner C Removes carbon build-up in gasoline and diesel engines. Transmission MVP A Enhances Dexron/Mercon to perform like a highly friction-modified ATF.

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