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May 2017

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May 2017 | NOLN 21 PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) Complete Oil System Flush C Designed to be more effective than a conventional, simple oil change; removes virtually all the old oil from the engine; promotes smoother performance; and extends engine life. Coolant & Conditioner Kit A/C This two-step treatment is designed to clean and condition all cooling systems. The formulas are compatible with all coolants, including regular and extended-life antifreeze. Step one thoroughly cleans the cooling system. Step two lubricates the water pump and conditions the system by providing additional corrosion inhibitors, which help minimize rust and scale. Engine Oil Supplement A Protects against cold-start damage; reduces engine friction and wear; quiets noisy valves and reduces the formation of sludge, carbon and gum deposits. Engine Sealer A An alternative to costly seal replacement; engine sealer reconditions old seals and eliminates most oil leaks; compatible with all oils for gasoline or diesel engines. Foaming Throttle Plate Cleaner C Special blend of solvents that remove gum, resin and varnish from both sides of the throttle plate to help correct rough idle and stalling problems. Fusion 2-Step Ultimate Fuel System Cleaning Service A/C Complete intake system cleaning; removes carbon build-up and cleans the upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter; tank additive removes fuel-related deposits. High Mileage Oil Treatment A Helps restore performance in higher mileage vehicles; reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoking; helps quiet noisy engines; restores compression; helps seal worn rings and reduces the fouling of spark plugs. Power 2D 2-Step Engine Revitalizer A/C Cleans diesel fuel systems, including intake valve seats, compression chambers, fuel injectors and fuel lines; helps return compression to factory levels, increasing power and performance. Semi-Synthetic Oil Supplement A Helps extend motor oil life by restoring and enhancing additive packages; dissolves and reduces the formation of sludge, carbon and gum deposits; helps quiet and free sluggish components. Synthetic 2-Step Power Steering Flush and Protect System A/C Cleans power steering system, removing harmful deposits and prepares system for new fluid; protects and extends fluid life; elimi - nates pump noise; conditions seals and frees sticky turbines and pumps. Synthetic 2-Step Transmission Flush & Fluid Protect Kit A/C Cleans light varnish and other deposits from the transmission's internal parts, preparing it for new fluid; reduces heat and wear to extend transmission fluid life. Synthetic Blend Limited Slip Differential Supplement A Eliminates differential chatter; protects clutch surfaces; lowers temperature; and prolongs fluid life. Synthetic Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner C Cleans injectors, conditions seals and increases fuel stability; stops power loss and disperses water in diesel fuel systems to protect against oxidation and corrosion. Syntramax Complete Fuel System Cleaner C Removes deposits from fuel system and combustion chambers; reduces octane intake requirement, helping reduce the need for high-octane fuel; helps return fuel system to factory specifications. Total Intake System Cleaner C Provides complete intake system cleaning by safely and effectively removing carbon build-up; cleans a vehicle's upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter. VPAK2 A/C Provides complete intake system cleaning by safely removing carbon build-up and cleaning upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter.

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