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May 2017

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16 NOLN | PRODUCT NAME CATEGORY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION (AS PROVIDED BY MANUFACTURER) Full Throttle 2-Step Fuel Kit A/C Restores volumetric efficiency; removes gum and carbon build-up; lowers HC, CO and NOx emissions. Full Throttle 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning Kit C Helps eliminate performance issues such as misfiring, power loss, pinging and knocking; safe and effective way to improve fuel economy. Full Throttle 3-Step Fuel System Cleaner & Induction System Service Kit C Effective way to clean fuel systems and restore performance; helps correct rough idling, misfiring; improves gas mileage; reduces emissions. Full Throttle Complete Fuel System Cleaner C Easy-to-use pour-in treats key engine components — combustion chambers, intake valves, ports and GDI fuel injectors with an ad- vanced formula containing polyetheramine (PEA) for deep cleaning. Highly effective formula helps dissolve carbon deposits, restores fuel economy, engine power and overall performance. Full Throttle GDI+ Fuel System Kit A/C Two-step fuel system cleaning kit developed especially for hard carbon deposits found in gasoline direct injection (GDI). When used according to directions, it will eliminate rough idling, misfiring and power loss caused by carbon. Helps improve performance and fuel economy; reduces emissions. Full Throttle High Mileage Supplement A Designed to extend the life of engines over fie years old or 50,000 miles; protects critical engine components; helps stop viscosity breakdown while fighting sludge and varnish deposits. Full Throttle Oil System Cleaner C Safely removes internal crankcase deposits; improves oil circulation; promotes a more complete drain of used oil. Full Throttle Power Steering Flush Kit A Protects against wear, oxidation and corrosion; excellent performance in cold temperatures; protects against foaming and clogging. Full Throttle VMER A Restores fuel injector flow; removes carbon from intake valves and disperses water. Heartland Fuel System Cleaner C Professional strength formula that restores fuel economy; one-tank clean-up. Heartland Oil System Cleaner C Gently dissolves soft sludge into the old oil for a better drain; gives new oil a fresh start. Heartland Power Steering Cleaner Kit A/C Formulated for most makes and models of vehicles; cleans and services the vehicle's power steering system. Heartland Premium ATF Treatment A Reduces friction, wear and improves shifting; prevents oxidation while protecting and preserving seals. Heartland Pure Power Plus 2-Step Kit A/C Fuel system and intake system cleaners; catalytic converter safe; cleans intake manifold, runners and port area; improves drivability problems to help restore fuel mileage. Heartland T3 Total Trans Treatment A One-tank pour-in that enhances and protects against heat, oxidation, wear and friction; stops leaks and conditions seals and gaskets to prevent future leaks. Heartland Transmission System Cleaner C Cleans away harmful sludge and varnish deposits; compatible with all automatic transmission fluids; helps extend o-ring and seal life. Heartland Xtreme Clean Engine Cleaner C Unique formula has detergents and dispersants to safely clean while ZDDP and viscosity improvers protect engine from wear. QMI Universal Cooling System Cleaner C Safely cleans deposits and residues in all automotive cooling systems; contains no acid and requires no neutralizers.

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