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March 2017

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March 2017 | NOLN 63 awarded points that can be applied toward the Expert Plus rewards program. Other benefits include enrollment in the popu- lar Monroe and Walker dealer locator con- sumer search tools and free downloads of Tenneco's ERIS electronic catalog of emis- sions control systems and ride control components. For more information, call 800.201.6506 or visit: Embrace the Abrasion Ken-Tool, recently announced the new Rust Hog abrasive tool (pn 30167) for the removal of surface rust and debris on studs and flat mating surfaces of wheels, wheel hubs and brake rotor hats. e Rust Hog uses a dense, aluminum oxide-infused polypropylene abrasive ma- terial attached to a 4-inch hub used with a 12-inch drive electric or pneumatic impact tool. e Rust Hog hub body is 4.25 inch- es long, and the abrasive pads are 2 inches in diameter. It features a 2.25-inch deep center hole for use on wheel studs. e tool allows a service technician to aggressively attack the oxidized surfaces and is ideal for removal of corrosion from wheel mating surfaces. It can be safely used on steel, aluminum, magnesium and alloy wheels. e Rust Hog assists in meeting compli- ance with the Tire Industry Association's (T.I.A.) R.I.S.T wheel mounting procedur- al standards. ose standards include the removal of debris from mating surfaces inspecting components for damage or excessive wear, snugging the fasteners in a star pattern and torqueing to specifica- tion. Ken-Tool advises technicians wear protective goggles and dust masks when using the Rust Hog abrasive tool. For more information, call 330.252.1951 or visit: Remote Control Lift Rotary's new Mach Flex powered by Red- Fire wireless mobile column lifting system puts the ability to lift more than 150,000 pounds right in the technicians' hands with a patent-pending remote control. Us- ing the remote control lets the technician move around the vehicle while operating the lift from anywhere in the bay for max- imum visibility and flexibility. With Mach Flex, technicians are no lon- ger tied down to operating the lift while standing at a single column. In some shops, especially those servicing buses or other long vehicles, two technicians often work together to operate mobile column lifts — one to run the lift and the other to walk around and check that everything is going smoothly. anks to Mach Flex's industrial-grade remote con- trol, a single technician can operate the lift while walking around the vehicle and the bay, keeping an eye out for any obstructions or other issues. e Mach Flex offers a new, higher lifting capac- ity of 18,800 pounds per column, enabling a set of eight columns to pick up vehicles weighing up to 150,400 pounds. Mach Flex lift- ing systems are available in configurations of two, four, six or eight columns. For more information, call 800.640.5438 or visit: Diagnosis Critical OTC introduced its new Evolve diagnostic tool at SEMA 2016. e tool, powered by Bosch, offers best-in-class vehicle cover- age, continuously improving speed, per- formance and usability to meet the needs of technicians. e OTC Evolve can diagnose more than 25,000 vehicle systems and 58,000 vehi- cle ECU combinations using new Bravo 3.0 software and a fast Android operating system. Capabilities also include perform- ing more than 11,000 actuation tests and more than 1,400 adjustment tests. e OTC Evolve enables a streamlined diag- nostic process for any issues a technician may encounter. e ruggedized tablet features a 10.4- inch optically bonded screen, providing visibility in most conditions, including direct sunlight. Dual WiFi architecture means a dedicated WiFi connection to the included J2534-compliant wireless VCI with simultaneous Internet connection to the shop, so technicians can move freely to check and test components while still being connected to the vehicle. e diag- nostic kit includes a tablet docking station and backpack for storage. e OTC Evolve helps technicians fix problems faster with more on-tool repair information and re- sources. Diagnostics for Life is included with the purchase of a new OTC Evolve and offers technicians support as long as they own it and maintain software updates. Evolve in- cludes Bosch European coverage, tests and likely fixes and repairs. For more information, call 800.533.6127 or visit: If you have a product release you would like published, please email it to:

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