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62 NOLN | PRODUCTS & SERVICES True Absorbent Solid Start recently announced the addi- tion of their new multi-use absorbent, Ab- sorb9X, to the True Brand product family. Absorb9X is composed of coconut coir, a lightweight, organic and all-natural absor- bent material made from the husk of the coconut. Coconut coir contains capillary cells that help to draw in and encapsulate liquids, which prevent them from being released back into the environment. Unlike conventional clay-based absor- bents, Absorb9X does not produce harm- ful dust and is non-abrasive to equipment. It is also completely safe for the workplace, as it is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and pet-friendly. Most importantly, Absorb9X is also eco-friendly and environmentally safe. It is made from 100-percent organ- ic renewable resources and passes landfill testing TCLP/TTLC and the fish bowl bio- assay test. Absorb9X creates an ion- ic bond with hydrocarbons (the chief c o m p o n e n t s of petro- l e u m - b a s e d chemicals), so even if Absor- b9X becomes fully saturated by water, it will draw in and en- capsulate the oil/fuel/chemi- cals, while water is pushed out. Absorb9X expands when in contact with water and can hold up to nine times its weight, while never biode- grading. Absorb9X is a premium organic absor- bent and can be used to instantly and completely absorb all types of spills. For more information, call 877.290.3950 or visit: New Tech on a Wireless Terminal Integrated Services Inc. (ISI), makers of LubeSoft, recently announced its integra- tion with Merchant Partners and Ingenico Group's iWL wireless smart terminals to offer acceptance of EMV and NFC/con- tactless acceptance anywhere payment is required. With the rapidly changing en- vironment of payment processing, secure alternatives are necessary to keep up with the latest industry advances. e LubeSoft Mobile Cashier integra- tion with Merchant Partners and Ingen- ico Group's smart terminals offers a fast, secure and mobile processing solution for accepting credit, debit, gift, fleet, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. For more information, call 800.922.3099 or visit: QR Shortcut to Service e Striker Pro Reminder Sticker System, from Cobra Systems, can now print a QR code on each reminder sticker that can di- rect a customer (by using their cell phone) to your daily, weekly or monthly service appointment schedule — or to any site you choose to have programmed into the QR code. When your customer scans the QR code on the window sticker, it will automatical- ly direct them to your appointment page. ey can make a time-saving appointment without even talking to a staff member, and your daily appointment schedule can be completed online, making your daily service schedule more efficient and cus- tomer friendly. Or, you can use the QR code as a discount tool offering monthly specials to your customers. Striker Pro uses a portable keyboard and reminder sticker printer that automatical- ly prints your shop location and contact details, determines the next service return date and can include promotional offers, which can be used as an incentive to have the customer return in a timely manner. Customizable options include discounts for returning customers, recommended oil types, tire rotation mile intervals, as well as company logos and messages. For more information, call 800.262.7298 or visit: Loyalty Pays Tenneco has launched the 2017 Expert Plus loyalty program for automotive ser- vice providers. Expert Plus is designed to help pro- gram members grow their service busi- ness through high-impact consumer and trade promotions, preferred consumer discounts and a variety of other resources, while also enabling them to earn rewards via the popular end-tab redemption pro- cess. Members will receive an extensive pro- gram activation package featuring items such as a new shock vs worn shock inter- active simulator. Other Expert Plus pro- gram benefits include a Feel the Differ- ence Guarantee counter mat, table tent and sales literature; preferred consumer coupon book; and the Monroe Ride Height Reference Guide (on USB drive). All 2017 program members will receive access to Tenneco's expanded Experts Learning Center eLearning portal and be

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