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March 2017

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March 2017 | NOLN 57 It's the basics of customer service that have for years and years delineated an ex- ceptionally well-run organization from the throngs of mediocre businesses out there. Our industry is no different. It's time for a real, down and dirty hon- esty test for yourself. How many of the following things happen in one or more of your shops, even if only once in a while? • Unshaven employees. • Lifeless, boring greetings from your em- ployees to your customers. • Mopey, unsmiling and lethargic employ- ees. • No sense of urgency within your shop. • No sense of pride for the cleanliness and organization in your shop. • Employees in improper, incomplete or dirty and disheveled uniforms. • Customers who are never referred to by name. • Unsupervised, untrained employees per- forming poor presentations to customers. is list can go on and on, obviously. I have been witness to many lube shops that displayed one, or even several, of these traits and the attitude was, "Yeah, we gotta work on that." And then it was back to business as usual. If you want to be successful, you can't let any of these things, or any other mediocre procedure enter your service envelope for even a single customer. e simple truth is that the customers have to have faith and believe that we are actually doing a good job on the oil change, simply because they have no way of know- ing the actual details of what we are doing under their car. Basically, if the car runs correctly and doesn't leak after they leave, they assume we did it correctly. If it does leak, or worse, they assume we are at fault. However, the customers are most cer- tainly aware of the level of customer ser- vice we display. Who better to judge the quality of your customer service than the actual customers who come into your shop every day? ere is no belief system when it comes to customer service. e customers know if you gave them good service or not. And it is only the customer's opinion that matters, not ours. Remember this: e customer's perception is our reality. at has been one of my most-often repeated phrases for many years, as many will at- test to. ere are many things you can do to improve your business, but none are so effective and cost so little to deliver as ex- emplary customer service. e following is just a partial list of the many little extras that make up the great customer service in our locations: Every single customer is greeted by an enthusiastic employee who introduces himself or herself by name and then asks the customer for their name. is is man- " There are many things you can do to improve your business, but none are so effective and cost so little to deliver as exemplary customer service. AutoCenter Sales Exit Planning | Growth Planning | Reorganization Financing & Loan Placement | Evaluation Over 1,500 Quick Lubes Sold! AutoCenter - 800-874-5793 Please Join us in congratulating on the successful Sale of over 30 locations in Texas Congrats Harold & Jason We assist quick lube owners acheive their goals nation wide, from single units to large mult-unit transactions. Visit our website to learn more or come see us in Las Vegas at the iFLEX / Car Wash Show - BOOTH 2534

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