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March 2017

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48 NOLN | • Designed to store diesel and bio els, motor oil, used oil, ATF, DEF and heating oil, class II and class III combustible fluids • Outer tank holds 110 percent of inner tank for maximum protection • Up to 50 percent lighter than conventional steel tanks • Easy to install • Compact design • Exceeds industry standards • UL2258 Certified • Compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A • Low-cost • 30-Year warranty • Leak-proof and will not corrode For all your automotive oil and lubricant storage needs. DOUBLE-WALL CONTAINMENT 1.888.266.7684 Contact Roth today for more information. 1.888.266.7684 Are You a Good Listener? Most experts agree good listeners are rare. Human nature being what it is makes it easier for us to think about what we want to say next rather than to listen to what the other person is saying. If that sounds fa- miliar, you have a valuable opportunity to bolster your business success. Good listeners have a huge advantage in connecting with people — and connecting with customers, pros- pects and employees is a critically important part of running a fast lube business. According to playwright Wilson Mizner, "A good lis- tener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while, he knows something." Author and adjunct professor at NYU's Stern School of Business, Michele Tillis Lederman agreed. "Regardless of where you are in your business career," she said, "listening is a skill you must work on. Listen- ing is not a passive activity. It takes energy and con- centration to focus on what people are saying and what they mean by it." Do You Avoid Passing the Buck? A serious disincentive for employee motivation gener- ated by some owners and managers is failing to accept the blame when something goes wrong. President Har- ry Truman set the tone for his administration when he placed a sign on his desk saying, "e buck stops here." A reputation for always putting the blame on others is a management deficiency that will eventually exact a heavy toll in the form of employee unrest. Being in charge means being willing to take responsibility for whatever happens on your watch. If a leader wants to build an atmosphere that pro- motes positive motivation, he or she needs to discuss problems with employees in a private setting. If he wants people to work hard on Fridays to get ready for the coming weekend, he needs to stay late himself. If he wants courteous employees, he must offer courtesy to others. In short, the person leading the operation must display the behavior he or she wants others to emulate. While employee motivation may seem too theoret- ical a subject for some busy shop own- ers and managers, others will recog- nize attention to the kind of employee concerns discussed here can make the difference between mediocrity and opti- mum performance. Do You Encourage Your Employees to Contribute eir Ideas? People who do the same job over and over every day often gain a perspective that even the boss cannot match. is can lead to ideas for improvement at- tainable in no other way. Not every employee idea will be work- able, but those that are used have a dou- ble benefit: ey improve productivity, and they encourage the contributor and other employees to make a strong effort to make them work. 3 4 5

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