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March 2017

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46 NOLN | Over the years, you've built a reason- ably profitable business, but you oen feel you should be doing better. Un- fortunately, pinpointing the reasons for less than optimum results can be a tricky business. It's far too easy to blame external causes such as poor employee perfor- mance, uncontrollable operating ex- penses or the economy. While situa- tions like that can exist, another cause can be much more difficult to face: management shortcomings. Are you really doing the great man- agement job you think you're doing? ese nine questions will help you ana- lyze your own performance while lead- ing the way to better profits: Do You Avoid Showing Any Signs of Favoritism? Favoritism, or even the appearance of it, can be a deadly enemy of pos- itive employee attitudes. An employ- ee who feels he or she is the victim of favoritism is likely to develop an unseen grudge; one that can silent- ly, but effectively, damage your busi- ness. Any indication you regard one em- ployee with more respect or appre- ciation than any other is a certain path to negative employee morale. While it's not always possible for you to avoid regarding some employees more highly than others, allowing that feeling to become obvious to others is a serious management fail- ure, one that almost certainly will ex- act a costly penalty. Do You Understand the Importance of Self-Esteem? Every human being has a powerful need to feel respected and to be ac- cepted and valued by others. is need is felt in every aspect of a per- son's life, and nowhere is it felt more strongly than in a business environ- ment. From brain surgeons to sales- clerks, the craving for self-respect and recognition is so strong it can dominate and control employee be- havior and performance regardless of financial considerations. e work of an employee left with no reason to think his boss respects and values his contribution is almost certain to fall well below his poten- tial. In extreme cases, negligent or even harmful behavior will be the eventual result. Providing the kind of recognition that satisfies this important need is a critical part of being a great boss. great good ) ( boss? 1 2 or even a are you a By William Lynott

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