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March 2017

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1-844-NGEN-PRO LOW OIL = BIG OPPORTUNITY IQUI OG Cleans All Vehicles F Carbon Crusher TM TM Do Your Customers Come In With Low Oil? LOW OIL INCREASES: Ethanol Contamination Corrosion & Wear Oil Consumption Oil Oxidation Acids & Sludge Also, oil gets into the combustion chamber, pistons, intake valves, and seals causing more carbon build up and decreased fuel mileage. LiquiFog TM For Oil's proprietary synthetic fogging formula protects in the oil & above! Help customers save money at the pump, prevent expensive repairs, and get better performance and protection. FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS, USE WITH NGEN OIL SYSTEM CLEANER & LIQUIFOG TM CARBON CRUSHER TM FOR OIL LOW Part #71436 CALL FOR A FREE SAMPLE! NEW

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