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March 2017

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National Car Care Month is very much a celebration for the automotive aftermarket industry. It is a time to really promote preventive maintenance services and help customers keep their cars in good shape for as long as possible. "National Car Care Month is a great time for shops to take advantage of the increased pub- licity that goes out through the Car Care Coun- cil and retailers," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council and the "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education cam- paign. "It's a time of increased awareness about the benefits of taking care of your car, whether it be for environmental purposes, safety or dependability." April was declared National Car Care Month because it's post-win- ter, pre-travel season. is makes it a great time for customers to get their cars checked out after the harsh winter season when the temperatures warm up and people are generally in better spirits. "Shops should leverage this time and incorporate it into their marketing strategies," White said. "ere is a buzz creat- ed around National Car Care Month, and shops should take advantage of that. Customers might think of it as spring cleaning for their cars — a spring tune-up." Customers don't always think about having their belts, hoses or under-car parts checked out every time they take their car in for service. National Car Care Month allows shops to offer a stress-free, ed- ucational environment where technicians can assist customers and inform them about services to consid- er to keep their cars in the best working condition possible. Hosting free events is also a great way to approach this opportunity. "Shops can host events that take very little time and very little money to draw people in, whether that's putting up a banner displaying that it's Na- tional Car Care Month or hosting an event in a mall parking lot with technician lanes and students from the local auto shop informing customers about nec- essary services in a stress-free, no pressure environ- ment," White said. "What better way to draw in new and existing customers than to offer free information in a sales-free environment? It's a lot like being able to talk to a doctor or a lawyer for 20 minutes to get advice, free of charge." Hosting events can be used as a morale booster for your employees and can be a great way to increase your presence in the community in a positive way. "ere is a special place on Car Care Council's website where shops can go to find all the tools they might need to participate in National Car Care Month, whether it's ordering Car Care Guides, a bay banner or how to host an event," White said. "All of these tools can be found on under the industry toolbox tab." e automotive maintenance industry doesn't al- ways maintain the best reputation, but National Car Care Month is a fantastic way to shift the narrative and create a positive feeling for customers nation- wide. Many shops who choose to participate in host- ing events receive great feedback and incorporate it into their yearly marketing strategy. National Car Care Month is right around the corner, so take ad- vantage of the tools provided to you and start plan- ning. S It's a lot like being able to talk to a doctor or a lawyer for 20 minutes to get advice, free of charge. Rich White Car Care Council " " celebrate NCCM National Car Care Month: a time to educate drivers about vehicle maintenance 44 NOLN | By Kelsey Carlson

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