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February 2017

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February 2017 | NOLN 63 Charge It All Clore Automotive recently released the new Pro-Logix 2A x 4 Channel Battery Maintenance Station from Solar that uti- lizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to optimally charge up to four bat- teries at once. Each channel is fully inde- pendent, so any combination of lead acid battery types can be charged without af- fecting the others — conventional, AGM, spiral wound, start-stop, deep cycle and marine. e charger features soft start mode for deeply discharged batteries, battery repair mode for older/distressed batteries and temperature compensation for extreme temperatures. It also has operator-safety features including over-voltage protec- tion, reverse polarity protection and bat- tery fault detection. For more information, call 847.250.7445 or visit: Chip Be Gone GlasWeld, recently released its newest windshield repair injector, the ProVac Zoom. Designed for speed and simplici- ty, the ProVac Zoom is powerful, fast and easy to use. e ProVac Zoom's patent-pending Z-Mount system uses tiny ratchet teeth and a quick release lever. is combina- tion allows for super-fast, yet adjustable, mounting against the glass, and it virtu- ally eliminates the risk of over tightening against the glass, which is the most com- mon reason for a crack spreading during the repair. It also features a new seal, which greatly reduces the possibility of flowering. e ProVac Zoom also pulls the quickest and strongest vacuum of any of GlasWeld's windshield repair injectors. Achieving a full vacuum in less than three turns of the handle, it pulls a vacuum three times fast- er and more than 20 percent stronger than GlasWeld's ecoVac or G3 injectors. For more information, visit: New Racing Filter Fram recently announced the availability of its new Racing Oil Filter product line. e new filters are ideal for use in racing and high-performance cars and are de- signed to help provide the winning edge in extreme operating conditions. Fram Racing Oil Filters offer a number of performance-enhancing features, in- cluding a heavy-gauge tapping plate and extra-thick outer shell that withstands high-pressure flexing. Fram designed its new Racing Oil Filters with a screen-over bypass valve for protection against larger contaminants (not included on HP17 or HP6 models), steel end caps and a spi- ral-shaped center tube to protect against filter collapse. With a maximum burst pressure of 350-500 psi and maximum operating pressure of 200 psi, these new filters can withstand demanding racing conditions. Fram Racing Oil Fil- ters also feature a number of stan- dard-setting in- novations that help improve en- gine performance in high-leverage operating condi- tions, such as a 22-psi filter by- pass valve; low-re- striction racing media that delivers high oil flow; 94 percent efficiency at 20 microns for excellent engine protection; a maximum oil flow rate of 10 to 18 gpm, depending on filter model; and a silicone anti-drain back valve on some models. Fram Racing Oil Filters are compatible with all oil types and are available in 13 different model sizes. is wide range of models enables the filters to be used with various vehicle makes and models, includ- ing all late model high-performance en- gines. For more information, call 800.890.2075 or visit: The Search is Over Parts Detect is a free mobile app that al- lows automotive repair professionals to find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds. Parts Detect provides a plat- form for finding the parts and products you need instantly by location, warranty, quantity and availability. eir focus is to optimize the accuracy and speed of order- ing parts so mechanics and technicians can spend more time focusing on their jobs and customers. A simple interface gives a user the abil- ity to scan and decode a VIN number, en- ter a part number or search for a vehicle using a vehicle drop down menu. Adding multiple parts to the shopping cart makes the checkout process a breeze. rough the profile set-up process, a user is able to select their preferred parts vendor with whom they have commercial accounts. Parts Detect does not handle any funds or funding transactions; it is based upon the accounts your auto care facility has in place with your preferred auto parts ven- dors. For more information, call 602.451.3103 or visit: If you have a product or service release you would like published, please email it to:

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