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62 NOLN | PRODUCTS & SERVICES A Deeper Clean M&M Service offers Deep Blue Windshield Washer Concentrate. Each gallon of liquid windshield washer concentrate makes 25 drums, equaling 1,375 gallons of windshield washer fluid. Deep Blue Super Con- centrate is easy to use. Just pour the small container of liquid super concentrate into the empty gallon container, and fill with water. en, mix five ounces of that mixture with 55 gallons of water to make the windshield washer fluid. is fluid is available in two different siz- es for convenience. Deep Blue Windshield Washer Concentrate offers an economical way to keep expenses to a minimum. For more information, call 800.657.9834 or visit: Spray and Stick To meet the needs of trade professionals with jobs requiring longer-lasting lubrica- tion and corrosion protection that won't run, drip or make a mess, WD-40 Com- pany recently added the Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant to its WD-40 Specialist line of products. WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant is a no-drip, no-mess lubricant, making it a great solution for vertical surfac- es and moving parts like chains and cables, where lubrication needs to stay put. e gel-like formu- la is engineered with self-healing technology that softens to lubricate when there's friction; and when the friction stops, it solidifies again to protect against rust and corrosion. WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel pre- vents rust for up to one year. For more information, visit: Trucks Need Additives, Too e new truck series by Liqui Moly offers additives especially intended for pickup trucks.e truck series is made up of five gasoline, diesel and oil additives. ey en- sure that strong motors remain strong. e Truck Series Complete Diesel Sys- tem Cleaner is an effective cleaning ad- ditive, which frees the fuel system and combustion chambers from deposits. e Truck Series Complete Diesel System Cleaner can either be added to the tank or the fuel filter can be filled with the addi- tive instead of diesel after being replaced. e engine then runs for a short time on pure additive for the best cleaning. A clean motor combusts the fuel more efficiently and, therefore, provides a better perfor- mance. e Truck Series Diesel Performance and Protectant is not only for removing deposits, but also for preventing the cre- ation of new deposits and increasing the cetane number. A higher cetane number improves the combustion of the fuel, and the motor provides better performance. e counterpart for gasoline motors is the Truck Series Complete Fuel Clean- er. With it, the motor runs more quietly and consumption is reduced. e older the truck, and the higher the mileage, the greater the effect of the additives. e large 0.53 quart (500 ml) cans are designed for the tank capacity of pickup trucks. e fourth additive of the new truck se- ries is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Protector. DPF Protector reduces the tem- perature required for automatic regenera- tion, so the filter remains unblocked. e fifth additive of the new truck se- ries is the Oil Treatment. It contains mo- lybdenum disulfide (MoS2) particles as a lubricant, which reliably protect the mo- tor against wear. is is important when starting the motor, when the oil has not yet reached every part of the motor and metal grates against metal. But even when the motor is under extreme stress, it en- sures the motor is not damaged, and it even protects the motor in the event of complete oil loss. For more information, visit: Blast Off Royal Purple recently announced the re- lease of Max-Blast, its new intake valve cleaner, formulated to directly deliver detergent to intake valve deposits (IVD). Max-Blast provides highly effective remov- al and clean-up of harmful IVD, thereby restoring lost horsepower and fuel econo- my. Reducing IVD and other combustion deposits can also reduce the potential for low-speed pre-ignition, which can lead to catastrophic engine damage. e new product was created to help car owners maintain a clean, efficient engine. Without proactive cleaning using an ef- fective intake valve cleaner such as Max- Blast, engines are suscep- tible to formation of IVDs. is is especially the case with gasoline direct injection engines, which form coked, stubborn-to-remove IVDs. Accumulation of IVDs can lead to power loss, increased emissions, reduced fuel economy, rough idle, harder starts and misfire codes. Max-Blast is the only poly- ether amine-based (PEA) aerosol engine intake cleaner to have less than 10 percent total VOC content, making it a more en- vironmentally friendly choice for consum- ers. e product is formulated with a high- ly-concentrated, proprietary, high flash point PEA detergent and solvent carrier. is allows the product to remain in an ac- tive liquid form when it reaches deposits, further increasing cleaning effectiveness. For more information, call 888.382.6300 or visit:

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