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February 2017

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February 2017 | NOLN 53 Lubrication Equipment Fluid Management Equipment 18v Cordless Convenience Products Designed to Manage Bulk Storage of Petroleum and Corrosive Fluids Visit our website for more information about Lumax Products Commercial Grade Products Designed for Professionals Pumps also intelligent to boot. I have witnessed them taking the time to explain things to people who have no idea how an engine works. And to top it all off, there's free coffee and tea via a Keurig machine, so it's fresh and tastes wonderful. I would highly recommend this place to everyone that needs work done on their car." Customer Service "I'm a 52-year-old single mother who clips coupons. I do a lot of DIY projects and never go into the shop as the help- less woman who is clueless. I was so very impressed with the entire process," said Terry L. when describing her experi- ence at Top Dog Express Car Wash & Oil Change. "I paid $79 for a full service oil change, received two different filters that needed to be changed and installed and they put air in my tires. I was shown lev- els and color/viscosity of all fluid checks, given an overall status report of my car and given a recommendation for future preventive maintenance, followed by an educated explanation. I also received a carwash. I never once stepped out of my car or waited for anything, and I felt like my business was important to them. I was treated like the only one there, nev- er felt rushed and was encouraged to ask questions." Customer service means not only being kind but also educating your customers, as well. An educated customer is going to be much happier to pay for a service they understand than for a service they don't. "The warm greeting I received when I arrived was exceptional," said John L. when reviewing his local shop. "I was in and out quickly." Going the Extra Mile "I was there to get my oil changed. They were nice enough to take the time to explain all of my options so I could make an informed decision," Carrie M. said. "I went into the clean, cool waiting area, barely had time to start reading my Kindle and they were done. They even helped put on my new wiper blades. Af- ter I got home, I realized I had left my Kindle on the shelf when I was checking out. I called — even though it was four minutes past when they officially closed. Those sweeties offered to drop it off at my place so I wouldn't have to drive there again. I didn't want to put them to the trouble (I was the one who forgot it, not them). So I drove out and I didn't even have to get out of my car. Hats off to all of them — so courteous and help- ful, even on a hot, muggy day." In business and in life, you can't please 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time, but it's a good idea to try. The big names in the industry didn't become great successes without a loyal following of customers and a willingness to work hard for the reputation they have built along the way. A happy customer is much easier to work with than an unhappy customer, so make the extra effort, stay positive and treat your customers right. They'll appreciate it, and your business's reputation will, too. "Developing fierce loyalty with cus- tomers requires a deep commitment to more than great service," said Les McK- coewn, CEO of Predictable Success. "You've got to be willing to listen for and acknowledge the specific needs your customers have, and, most importantly, you've got to invest in a way to meet those needs." S

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