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February 2017

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Although this isn't the most sought after or comfortable topic to discuss, it is crucial that operators understand best practices when it comes to human resources and dealing with those sometimes sticky situations. Your reactions and knowledge base can literally make or break your business. This article will discuss the human resource topics and real-life situations touched on by Kim Parker, president and CEO of the California Employers Association, which specifically aids employers with human resource solutions. Bras, Boyfriends and Tattoos in the Workplace Dress Code in the Workplace Can an employer tell an employee they must wear undergarments? No, this is an invasion of privacy. However, part of human resources and being a good employer is finding other ways to achieve the desired result that you want while staying within the legal boundaries. If an employee isn't wearing undergarments, and as a result, making other employees or customers feel uncomfortable, there is another way to respond. Parker explained that as an employer, you can address the employee by saying something like, "Mary, this is a difficult conversation, but we cannot have exposed body parts here at work," Parker continued. "It's not appropriate, it's not good for our reputation or our image as a company and it's offensive to some people. So, I need to talk to you about what you want to do to remedy the situation, whether that's a sports bra, a turtleneck or darker colored clothing, but we can't know that you're not wearing undergarments." by Kelsey Carlson 48 NOLN |

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