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February 2017

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After reviewing Jim Baumer's article "OnStar's Proactive Alerts: Offering Drivers a Peek at the Future," it dawned on me that we are missing an opportunity with our late-model General Motors (GM) customers. As a standard in the quick maintenance industry, we have trained our technicians to remind our custom- ers of the importance of following factory recommendations. anks to GM's innovation with the OnStar technology, it is now sending our GM customers a reminder of their specific vehicle recommendations for services needed. ese simple emails, which are sent to our customers from GM, are very similar to our POS recommended services formats. But to our advantage, these GM reminders are from the manufacturer. ey use symbols to educate owners about the health of their vehicles. A check mark in a green circle means no issues were found. An exclamation mark in a yellow triangle means there is an action suggested, and an exclamation mark in a red octagon means some immediate attention is required. Obviously, GM is playing off road signs: green means go, yellow is yield and red is a stop sign. is easy-to-understand layout does make it simple to comprehend. As an added value to our GM customers, during your presentation of recommended services, ask your customer if they have received an email from General Motors OnStar Proactive Alerts service. Ask if there were any yellow or yield signs that you could help with. Often, you will hear from the customer that some- thing as simple as a tire rotation is recommended. Sometimes there is a red stop sign signifying a recall or warranty issue that you cannot help with, but, occasionally, your customer will have a red stop sign suggest- ing an engine or transmission service you could perform. Our customers expect us to stay current with their vehicles, and by simply acknowledging we are aware of the OnStar Proactive Alerts system and that we can perform many of the services, our customers will appreciate our expertise. S Training Tip: OnStar Opportunities by Ragan Holt 30 NOLN |

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