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or coffee to Coke, Diet Coke, 7-Up, hot tea, hot chocolate or apple juice for the kids. "e little things are so important, from our comprehensive list of beverages to the state of the bathroom," he pointed out. "It might not seem important, but if you can have a pleasant visit, it helps show how we take care of your vehicle, too." Giving Back in Other Ways While he remains committed to putting smiles on the faces of guests and team members alike, Boyd remains very active in his church community, where he helps feed the homeless and works with those in dire straits. "I'm not too proud to admit there was a point where I was once homeless and without hope," Boyd explained. "is is why I do ser- vice programs that include feeding the home- less and those in need during the holidays. My other passion is working with at-risk youth." To this end, he mentors young men on the verge of making serious mistakes, and he tries to be a role model and leader in the commu- nity. "I'm giving back, not just because I owe it to myself," Boyd added. "I'm giving back because I owe it to society and to these young men. My goal is to let them learn from the mistakes I made, so they don't make the same ones. I was saved, and I owe it to myself to see I help save others from going down the wrong path." He has also been a guest speaker for the St. Juan Diego Women's Center and credits them for helping him and Marichris find the strength to clean up their acts and experience the joys of raising a family. ey've been mar- ried for two years, and Boyd is happy to say he is now a super hero of sorts to Tristan and Bella Rose. "I'm not about to tell them they're wrong," Boyd explained with a laugh. "I'm truly bless- ed to have these wonderful, beautiful children in my life. I can't imagine a day without them, and I do whatever it takes to be the best possi- ble father I can be." Even for a young man like Boyd, raising two children, working full time and devoting time to the community would be enough to leave most exhausted — but instead of slowing down, he heads to the gym. "e gym is where I go to get relief," he ex- plained. "I still love sports, and I work out three times a week to stay fit. It allows me to maintain my stamina as the day wears on, be- cause if my energy is low, I can't be as excited to see the guests. It takes energy to consistent- ly serve people with excellence. I have to keep my heart healthy, so I can do my job, but most of my free time is invested in my children." Serving people with excellence is what Boyd believes all Americans should strive to do, but he also admitted he knows not every new em- ployee may be suited to a career at Oilstop Inc. — and that's OK. Instead of breaking down those employees or trying to force them to love it, he offered other advice. "If you are settling for less than you want, you aren't going to go very far with it," Boyd said from the heart. "But if you treat every- thing like gold, you'll have a golden life. It doesn't matter what you are doing in life, you need to take pride in it, and you will be better for it. I don't want to be mediocre at anything. I have goals, and I am ready to give 100 per- cent." Boyd may be the 2017 Technician of the Year, but at Oilstop Inc., that may be the be- ginning rather than a milestone in his career. "We want him to stay forever," Dahl said. "e next step is for him to become team train- ing manager. He has already earned two cer- tifications, and next, he can become assistant training manager. He doesn't talk it; he does it." Whatever Boyd does next, however, chances are, he'll do it with a smile on his face. "Every day I choose my attitude, and I don't let bad news get me down," Boyd explained. "My goal is to put a smile on guests' faces. At- titude is 90 percent of the battle. ere are a lot of special guys at this company who should win this recognition. I really hope to read about them in the years to come." S 22 NOLN | Contact Your Distributor or Call (800) 378-7891 NEW! FAST. PROVEN. EFFECTIVE. FULL THROTTLE ® GDI+ COMPLETE 2- STEP FUEL SYSTEM KIT WITH POWERFUL P.E.A. Effective on All Types of Fuel Delivery Systems–GDI, PFI, DPI, MPI, Flex Fuel, Turbo Charged and Carburated Gasoline Engines CARBON BUILDUP IS BAD. NOLN Banner-9x1.5.indd 1 1/10/17 11:27 AM

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