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February 2017

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20 NOLN | does Boyd's shop do well, but Dahl also ex- plained the shop consistently has a strong per- formance. "It isn't how much I make in sales," Boyd is quick to note. "I'm not big on numbers, what matters is the impression I leave on the guests." No I in Team Boyd has clearly shown his ability to be an earner for the shop, but he will be the first to say he is just one cog in the machine. ere might be an I in Justin Boyd's name, but he truly lives by the motto that there is no "I" in team. He considers his fellow employees both teammates and friends, and Boyd believes the real meaning of team is, "Together everyone achieves more." e 2017 Technician of the Year said this starts from the top-down. "My manager, Zachary, leads by example," Boyd said. "at is where it starts every day. I respect him. He, I and the rest of the guys couldn't do it with- out each other. So while this is a great personal honor for me, and I really can't say how much it means to me, this isn't about me. I'm just one person receiving this honor. I know when I'm not at the shop, they're giving it their all. at includes Christian, Clemente, Trenton and Fermin. ey are all great guys, and I love working with them." In many ways, this is a team much like ath- letes on a football field, and each one has a po- sition to play. When they work as a team they win, Boyd added. He said he wants every day to be another winning day. "It is like the plays being called," Boyd ex- plained. "is is why the training goes into it, and it is about respecting the process and respecting each other. e company's proce- dures allow us to be extremely efficient, and it is designed to build our confidence and earn the trust of our guests. We are very fortunate to be well-trained, have excellent benefits and make above industry wages." is allows him to brighten the day of those people he serves. "I'm able to bless people because this isn't just about changing oil," Boyd said. "It is about making people smile. It is a joy to see them smile. I was welcomed with open arms when I started here, and I didn't see that much in my life. I like how we are treated as employees — in the shop and in the corporate office. "I don't think you get an attitude from the president, Mr. Dahl, to Gary, head of market- ing, all the way down to the guys on the floor with me. I feel like it is a family, and we're there to serve our Guests — and that is with a big capital G. We're doing this to serve them, and we treat them like royalty." Boyd said that working at Oilstop Inc. allows him to give back, as he can offer his guests a beverage, something as simple as bottled water Larry Dahl (left) president of Oilstop Inc. with 2017 Technician of the Year, Justin Boyd (right). Contact Your Distributor or Call (800) 378-7891 NEW! FAST. PROVEN. EFFECTIVE. FULL THROTTLE ® GDI+ COMPLETE 2- STEP FUEL SYSTEM KIT WITH POWERFUL P.E.A. Effective on All Types of Fuel Delivery Systems–GDI, PFI, DPI, MPI, Flex Fuel, Turbo Charged and Carburated Gasoline Engines CARBON BUILDUP IS BAD. NOLN Banner-9x1.5.indd 1 1/10/17 11:27 AM

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