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February 2017

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February 2017 | NOLN 19 The Technical Know-How Since starting at Oilstop Inc. in September 2015, Boyd has never just gone through the motions. He has taken his job seriously, and he understands it isn't just being able to work on cars — today's technicians need to be a mix of old-school mechanics, IT support staff and customer service experts all rolled into one. "ings are getting more technical with the computers in cars," Boyd admitted, adding that he's always been ready to learn more to stay on top of the changes. "One thing that Oilstop Inc. has invested in us as employees is a comprehensive training program. We have three Certification Training Manuals, training videos, audio aids, leadership training, classes and seminars, and we have the opportunity to continue to learn. We should never be at a point where we need to stop learning. If you are going to be good at your job, you need to continue to grow and continue to learn." Boyd credits a lot of this to Oilstop Inc.'s "Five P's," which state, "Proper preparation prevents poor performance." "I'm fortunate that we've been given the right tools from Oilstop Inc.," he added. "I believe progress is a process. I definitely want to grow. I want to be the best in what I do. I believe God opens doors, and I have to say I'm grateful in where my life has taken me." is isn't to say that when Boyd, a newly recovered addict, walked in the door, there weren't doubts. "ere are always concerns and doubts that some people might not work, but when you see how passionate Justin was and how he was working to turn things around, we knew this could turn out to be something special," Dahl said. "Justin is a super example that you can have some faith in people." In many ways, the Oilstop Inc. business model very much suited the new and im- proved Boyd. e business has never been about pushing services on their guests — and a key to that is, unlike many service business- es, Oilstop Inc. doesn't see those who drive up as just customers. "If you are thoughtful, gracious, hospitable, kind, respectful and honest, sales will happen if the people have the funds and feel you are competent," Dahl said. "It might seem that this is a backward business model, because in business, people push sales. But our staff members are very good at what they do, and by not practicing the above, it's not fun and doesn't work well. If you are simply there to make money, you will make less of it. Justin and our service teams understand this, and that is why our shops do well." Oilstop Inc. continues to stress that it is necessary to be kind, thoughtful and re- spectful — and Boyd, who is also a master of hospitality, is all of the above. Not only

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