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February 2017

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tough times to being about as productive and caring as anyone we know. He's turned his life around, and it's been great to observe. We couldn't be more proud of Justin." One irony in his transformation is that Boyd found perfect fit at Oilstop Inc., because in his dark days his selfishness included a pas- sion for cars. Today, he's now rich in spirit and heart, which are more important than money in the bank. "Back then, I wanted the nice things, ex- pensive cars, and it was one of the most im- portant things in my life," Boyd said. "Today, I value more spiritual things, and I don't think a car is the most important thing in my life. But I also understand guests who come do love their cars, and I respect that. I also love the way automobiles are made, and I absolute- ly love working on them. is is a great job. I spend my days working on cars that mean so much to people." Today, Boyd treats every car as if it is a Fer- rari owned by a prince and looks past whether it is new or old. Instead, it's knowing the car can be something someone loves to drive or something someone drives just to get to work and pick up their kids. Understanding the im- portance of cars, especially in California where it can be nearly impossible to live without one, is something Boyd takes to heart. "I absolutely know how important a car is to people," he explained. "For many people, it is the most valuable possession after their home, and I want them to have the confidence to know I'll treat it as well as I possibly can. It doesn't matter to me if your car is worth $500 or $50,000 — I know what it means to you, and I treat it with equal respect." Justin Boyd with his family – wife, Marichris, daughter, Bella Rose, and son, Tristan. 18 NOLN |

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