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February 2017

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Ambassador of Change One irony of Boyd's life is that he should have been headed for good things — even if there were hurdles along the way. His father had overdosed from heroin when Boyd was a young man, but as a gifted student, he gradu- ated from high school early and began taking classes at City College of San Francisco at age 17. at is when he took a detour and became a very different person. "I saw these young men who looked like they were rich, had nice clothes, nice things and they didn't work hard," Boyd said. "I was drawn to the life of street gangs, and instead of it raising me, it took me down." Instead of finding a way to easy street, Boyd became addicted to drugs and was often homeless. Time in prison didn't even turn this bright, talented young man around. "I was down and out, running around with gangs, carrying a gun," Boyd said. "I wasn't what you'd call a good person." It is often said, you have to hit rock bot- tom to truly rise to the occasion to become a better person. Boyd and his then-girlfriend, Marichris, were as close to bottom as anyone can get when she found out she was pregnant. Neither Boyd nor Marichris were what any- one would consider ideal parents at the time, but this seemingly unwanted child was the catalyst to letting them find their way back. As Marichris prepared to have an abortion, Boyd spoke to members of the St. Juan Diego Women's Center, which offers help for preg- nant women and their babies. It was from one simple conversation that the once-selfish, even arrogant, drug-addicted young man real- ized he didn't have to continue on that path to self-destruction. "It is safe to say that Justin and Marichris were addicts, and that had a powerful pull on their lives," Dahl said. "ey weren't happy with who they were, but both were so hap- py to get out of that lifestyle. Now, he and his lovely wife have two beautiful children. Tristan, their son, who is two and a half, and their daughter, Bella, who is one year old are why Justin gets up each morning and has a smile on his face throughout the day." From a nightmare of addiction, Boyd is now living what could be called the American dream. He works hard, has a good loving fam- ily, he's close with his coworkers and he gives back to the community. He may not live in a mansion, but he found there is more to life than a desire for material possessions or just living for the moment. "National Oil & Lube News' selection of Justin is a really good example of how some- one was able to get a hold of his life," said Gary Woo, Marketing director at Oilstop Inc. "Larry is here to change lives, and Justin is a good example of someone whose life has been changed for the better. He's gone from We should never be at a point where we need to stop learning. If you are going to be good at your job, you need to continue to grow and continue to learn." " Contact Your Distributor or Call (800) 378-7891 NEW! FAST. PROVEN. EFFECTIVE. FULL THROTTLE ® GDI+ COMPLETE 2- STEP FUEL SYSTEM KIT WITH POWERFUL P.E.A. Effective on All Types of Fuel Delivery Systems–GDI, PFI, DPI, MPI, Flex Fuel, Turbo Charged and Carburated Gasoline Engines CARBON BUILDUP IS BAD. NOLN Banner-9x1.5.indd 1 1/10/17 11:27 AM 16 NOLN |

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